Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Ok, this might seem like a bit of a long one, but I feel I need to get you all up to speed!!

Im currently working on a hand pieced grandmothers garden piece. Im nearly there. Its as big as my matress jst need to make it a little bigger (sorry there are no pictures as it is at my parents house, will take pictures next time Im home) Nearly there though. This is the current one Im working on,

Iv recently moved to Worcester and have found an amazing little quirky quilting shop, seems near impossible to describe to people where it is! Its a real bargin. Brought these 5 fabrics - sorry about the blue hexes as you can see I couldn't keep my hands off it!

Teaching Textiles I regularly get asked to pop into Hobby Craft on my way home as I pass it anyway, unfortunatly this often means I end up buying fabric. This is what I brought yesterday!!

Today I have been fortunate enough to return home to find two packages on my door step! I love recieving post and was soo happy to see these - Iv discovered an online vintage fabric shop and there prices are amazing and their photo's and descriptions are always perfect. I love the fabrics they have, these are my two buys that arrived this morning. How cute are this little birds???

I love the blues in this pile of scraps, Im so excited about starting something new but Im trying to get myself to finish my grandmothers garden quilt first.Now on the last note, I want to show all of you my organisation technique, I got these great sandwhich bags from IKEA they are amazing, but they are never enough of them around, there is no real order to my organisation as all fabrics when brought get put in seperate sandwich bags.

These are the cutest ever and there is this gorgeous little design all the way up one side. When I first brought them the packet was green and red bags (different colours are different sizes) but when I went to buy some a couple of weeks ago they are now Blue and red, so this saves any confusion.Well thats it for now ladies and gents, Feel free to message me, especially if you have any ideas on what I should give a go next with my vintage fabrics.

Im also quite interested in getting involved in some swaps, I have so many things around here that could do with a new home. Thanks

Keep well


Monday, 23 March 2009

Let there be light

This is the first time I have thought about blogging, so I guess I should tell you a little about me.

Im from England, Crazy on all things involving my sewing machine!! I am currently trying to finish off a grandmothers garden patchwork quilt that I started when I was 14. Thanks to my Grandparents who got me hooked. I love quite a few different crafts, these also include cross stitch, card making and scrapbooking, and will try and encourage anyone around me to give it ago as well)

I am training to be a textiles Teacher at secondary level, and am loving passing my sewing knowledge onto the new generation and seeing their excitement at creating things.

Im actually at school at the moment, so will post some photo's when I get home of some things I have made recently.

Much love
Louise xx