Saturday, 10 October 2009

Look what I've done!!

Ever since I saw this baby changing bag on the Moda Bake shop I decided I wanted to have it!! I brought the fabrics back in July, and was convinced by one of my students last week to get my bum into gear and get it made.
Thought this would be ideal for my trip to the knitting and stitching show tomorrow with my colleagues from work.

I love the fact it has plenty of storage in it (never mind its massive) There are "hidden" pockets on each end and 6 pockets on the inside with elasticated tops.
The fabric is Arcadia by Moda, And covers everything I absolutely love, bright colours and great shapes and styles. Perfect.

I adore the lining in all the pockets adding extra colour to the bag, only thing I wish I could change would be making sure that the bag was totally reversable so these amazing fabrics seen inside could also be on the outside at some point.

I have included the divider in the bag, but for some reason I have a crease in this, and I might remove this as I'm not sure how useful this will be.
Thanks once again to Moda Bake shop and to Melissa of Polkadot chair who gave us this amazing tutorial on this bag. Made totally out of a layer cake and a charm pack, I have loads left over to create accessories for this bag as well!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Christmas Stocking Swap

I'm sooooooo excited!!! Pop on over to Indigo Blue, she is arranging a christmas stocking swap. Would be lovely to see some of you lovely ladies there, joining in.

I have loads of ideas, can't wait to see what other people have for ideas as well. Hope you pop over quickly. don't want to see too many people dissapointed!

Click the picture to add yourself, (takes you to Indigo Blue's website where you can add yourself in her Comment box)

Hurry up and get yourself joined!!!!!!!!!!! You know you want to!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009


I know I promised this sooner, I can only apologise for the delay with everything. The world seems to be travelling 20 times faster than I can handle right now. I have been poorly for the past few days, hence why this Thanks has taken its time to get out there into the blog-o-sphere.

Thank you ever so much Angela from Land of No Cooking. I won a giveaway over at hers, and by chance was visiting my parents (who don't live that far away from Angela when she delivered my prize)

Hope you don't mind Angela, I had to borrow your photograph as I have already started creating with these amazing fabrics before I had a chance to find the camera. She has got me perfectly, I have been admiring these fabrics from a far for a very long time! Very proud to say I am now an owner of some!! and the note cards and post-it notes are equally as gorgeous! Thank you!

The baby quilt is coming along really well, this was the last photograph I managed to take of it this evening before the light totally dissapeared. Trust me its alot less pink than it appears at the moment.

The pink fabric that the blocks are on is going to be the backing fabric, it's not actually creased its that the only fabric I could find that was big enough and the right colour was a Sainsbury's single fitted sheet, so the elastic is pulling it in a bit at the moment.

This is only half of the quilt, I aim to make another 6 patches to make it a little bit bigger, and the very lucky girl is going to have her name embroidered on the back of the quilt, in a way so that mummy and daddy could fold the top of the quilt over in the cot and see her name written. (Fingers crossed it works)

Thats all for now. Hope everything else is going well in the blogging world.

Ooo and keep your eyes open for a play it forward that's happening soon, I just got one but I must sleep now, will tell all you lovely people about it soon.