Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My SmashFax

I'm pretty sure that most of you feel really guilty when you have a Filofax sitting at home doing nothing. This could be a cure...

A few weeks ago I feel in love with this American idea of a smash book. A scrapbook idea with inspiration in. I've been mulling this idea over for a few weeks but with money really tight this wasn't an option for me.

I have a love of scrapbooking but don't always have the time/resources to do it often. So....

Out comes this Filofax that I brought off eBay as a storage Filofax but have never filled.

A collection of random scrapbook papers and my hole punch and I created my own version that I have no rules and boundaries of.

Here is how it's looking so far after a weeks worth of setting up. Some pages are private but I would like to share with out what I've done so far...

This is my absolute favourite double page spread at the minute. I didn't purchase a single thing here. Just things I picked up at the Birmingham clothes show last year, all cut up and put in a pleasing way.
The ministry of craft on the left is actually a pocket with a collection of business cards in (yes there are 3 ray stitch cards there. I'm contemplating working on some with stitching and sketching)

A real use for washi tape other than looking pretty on a page! Actually stick things down!! YAY!!

Right at the back I have some spare pages ready to go if the need calls me.

I hope I have inspired you to think about developing an unused filofax for another purpose (and if you do a similar sort of thing I'd love to see it)

What do you do with your Filofax other than the standard things? I'd love to hear what uses you have.

Friday, 11 May 2012

My new Filofaxes

OK a combination of two things this week lead me to find two new babies.

Number 1. Steves review of the Olympic Filofaxes on Philofaxy

Number 2. My visit to the Olympic Park with my school on Wednesday.

I wanted to do a combination thing between both of these and had a little look on the Internet for the diaries, they were in sale in Staples.

They arrived today: Pink personal and a black pocket

I love them from the minute I found them. I especially loved comparing the inserts against each other.

Lots of photos to come:

(excuse my feet, couldn't keep this one open on its own and take photos)
I love the two pockets at the front -credit card slot and a full length pocket

Week to view page spread across two pages. This lay out is awesome, I Really like this lay out

Steve mentioned that this day to page was for the Olympics, but looking this is the entire summer holidays!!! I'm thinking of using this as a journal for the holiday and using the 8 boxes at the bottom as my water intake. I aim to loose weight during the summer so might use the coloured boxes for recording activities done during the day.

Event stickers and stickers of some London land marks.

Pocket in back (the pink section - is open top and bottom) I rally was drawn to this filo for the rulers, they are really cute, and I see most of these buildings from my flat.

The pocket is very similar as seen below.

This Filofax appears to be for the paralympic games as seen inside the back (why was this not at the front?)

The fastener on the black one is fully rotational and I quite like you can hide the "London 2012" label on it by sliding it around to the back!

I hope you liked my new filofax's. Coming up next my new pocket Filofax and it's set up (which I'm torn about now as I want to use the olympic inserts in it!)
Help will be needed!!!!!