Friday, 17 February 2012

Packages in the POST!!!!!!!!

I'm in love and I don't mean with a man.

It all started off when I was getting a little bored with my filofax. Decided I needed something to liven up the diary pages so went in search of "Diary stickers" these were very few and far between in the UK but I had seen several in America and other parts of the world.

Here is a quick run down of ones I chose. The first 3 were Paperchase and the others were from Korea (although ironically the Korean ones arrived before the Paperchase ones)

These ones are specially made to fit in a filofax and say things such as "Birthday" "to do" "appointment" and matching smaller spots with nothing written on. These were £2.25 for 2 sheets which I think is pretty reasonable but they will come in useful for my Organised side.

These two were £1 a packet and each packet came with 2 sheets (80 stickers in total) I'm a real sucker for things with faces on so the first ones called out to me, and the second has useful stickers for things like Mothers day and really cute girls and trees etc.

The next packs have come from Korea in particular this website There was absolutely loads on there that I had to start taking things back out of the basket. P+P was a little bit high but for the amount I got was totally worth it!

These girls are the cutest ever! 5 sheets with images like this...
My second packet of stickers, again a pack of 5. Are brilliant for those little mistakes. I've seen someone else blog about these before and I'm so Glad I found them.
The bottom ones act like highlights, and have gorgeous little message next to them like "Do not forget" and "Don't be late"

This bottom packet are my most favouritist in the entire world!!!
Called the Diary deco pack, it was exactly what I was looking for.
The stickers came in two variety's paper to write on - like these cute labels (although fairly small)And clear like these - to add things over the top of ideas.

I feel in love with these paper-clips and pens/Pencils. Will be really good to be able to attach something to a page and make it look like I've paper cliped it.

If you're after inspiration for what to do with these pictures the YesStyle website gives loads of ideas for uses. They also sell adorable diaries including finance diaries etc - If I didn't own a filofax I would have spent quite a bit more!!!!

All the best until next time. xx