Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Filofax set up!

Hi guys.
So in an order to get more organised in 2013. I decided to set myself back up with a new Filofax. I've had this one for ages. Brought on eBay for pennies. She arrived in a sorry state but after a very extensive Nivea facial or 2 she's gorgeous!! I love how loved she feels, I never thought I would but I like the fact that she is worn in already.

In the front cover I have paper clips, pretty things to look at. The obligatory stickers, post it's etc. My cover page will be created as I go along with things I like, currently only has an envelop I cut up as my address was too gorgeous not to keep!! (sorry I've covered it with a project life card)

After this you can see my week to view diary. This came from Philofaxy but I've personalised it slightly. Afraid lots of my documents in here originate from Philofaxy then I've made them much more personalised (if you see any you like for their colourfulness contact me, il ask the Philofax king if he's happy for me to share these with you)

In between each of these months I've got my month to view. Think I'm going to get on better seeing these at the beginning of the month rather than in a separate section!

Simplicity next is my notes section. A combination between these plain pages (as you can see I was planning how to set up my filo) and lined paper.

My meal planner is really useful in allowing me to save some money! It's actually rare that I plan weekends but its there incase I want to use it.

I've recently become very addicted to the gym so this month to view has been adapted to keep track of my activity in the gym (including these stick figures of various gym poses) I've been using this set up for the gym for 3 weeks now, I'm finding its working really well so far!

Next up is to keep track of my slimming world journey. I've been following slimming world for 4 months now and am really enjoying it but I'm finding I have enter weight loss the weeks I track my syns and healthy extras so I've built a diary for this. Aiming to loose most of the weight before my next birthday (end of June)

As most of you I like to keep track of finances, to keep costs down I've created this myself purely because I only have a few original Filofax ones left.

Last but not least are my planning pages for project life. Carrying these around with me will allow me to keep up with them a little better.

I also keep this pen in my Filofax where I can highlight things once they are complete. I love that it also has post-it flags on the other end.

As everyone with Filofaxes I'm sure this will be changed as my life style changes. 2013 is the year I'm getting organised and loosing weight so hopefully this Filofax ell stay with me for a long time (although I may update the binder itself)