Thursday, 17 February 2011

Make up Roll

Well this project has been on my mind for exactly 7 weeks. Since I realised that I get frustrated in the mornings searching in my brush make up bag (a free-bee from the make up shop, and yes I have two make up bags, one for brushes one for make up) for the correct brush.

I realised although I had picked fabrics out 7 weeks ago to make this that the stumbling block was with the fabric I had chosen although I loved the fabric I originally chose I was afraid of cutting into it.

I won the fabric that I used for the outside months ago on a giveaway. I fell in love with this print ages ago but have been keeping it for using large scale. Most things I make I like to piece pretty small, when I found this fabric again this evening I realised this was the fabric I NEEDED to make the roll from.

So pleased with how it turned out. Also learnt a few things along the way including more basting required for things like the folded fabric. I would probably have put the binding on all the way around, but quite like the cutness of it not being there on the pink rose (seen above)

I have also put on binding by machine, which I have never done before, and would probably only do for little projects like this as I struggled slightly but was really exciting to try.

And finally a thanks to my housemate who lent me his white box to take the photographs in!