Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Finished Baby quilt

As you have all previously read, this was my first ever attempt at a baby quilt. I made a couple of close relationships with my unpicker while completing the top itself. But not as much as I thought I would do. I loved the finished top, the yellow really makes the top pop.

I included the next photograph, this is one of TWO only "I love Daddy" on the whole quilt, the fabric on the rest of the blocks were always conviently over the cutting line. I Love how the "I love Mummy" is right next to this.
I felt this very lucky and special little lady deserved something very personal to her. Which led me to painstakingly applique-ing her name on the back, the red fabric matched the small red spots on the front perfectly. I will admit I had several practices on applique letters before I started (I have two "e" letters appliqued somewhere in my room now, not that it bothers me, I'm tempted to make the rest of my name in different techniques to make something for myself)
The quilting is gorgous, I borrowed a machine from school for a weekend to be able to do this (I have brought my own machine, which will be arriving tomorrow!!!WHOOP WHOOP) this created a couple of problems in the backing fabrics (creases)after unpicking the worst, the small remaining ones became "Love wrinkles" I feel everything should be totally loved for what it is!
Here is the finished quilt with the very cute pink binding (with the same print as the red fabric for "Leah" but in the pink version that the company produce) And to finish it all off, a very cute awwwwww moment, the lovely lady Leah with her brand new quilt (looks a little big but she will grow to it)
Sorry to Mum and Dad for the lateness of the quilt, but the little lady joined our world much earlier than planned. Now she is home she will always be snuggled up tight.
So ladies and Gentlemen what do you think??