Thursday, 20 August 2009

Evenings Entertainment.

My Brother came home from a shopping trip yesterday afternoon with this basket from a garden center meant for flowers but he wanted it making for his girlfriend to be able to make a picnic and take it out in central London for an afternoon.

Well this is what I came up with, he brought the gingham fabric himself and allowed me to have the freedom to do what I wanted with it.

I decided to fully line the inside of the basket including the lid. I just love the frills around the outside, I think it finishes it off quite nicely. very kitch and I hope that she likes it.

Im sure I am the same as most of you, once you start you just cant stop. So after creating the lining for the basket I then went on to create napkins to match. (Still not quite sure why my brother thought he would need 2 meters of fabric to line this little basket but never mind!!)

What do you think? It has made me think about items I can create with the rest of the gingham fabric to go with the basket. I am jealous myself, wish I had something like it, Im contimplating going back and seeing if there are any more. Think this would be brilliant on my sewing table fully of fabrics or threads. Having two seperate compartments would allow two totally different sides, maybe even different fabrics lining each side.

Next time more about the Halloween quilt block swap