Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Christmas Affair

OK this is really unusual for me to post so often, I'm sure this will stop again soon (or I will force myself to blog every other day for the next 2 weeks)

I realised I needed something Christmasy to wear to work this week. Loving the hair band that I made I whipped some christmas fabrics out and some matching buttons.

Exactly the same process as the previous one, I played around with fabrics that I have. I have never liked the fabric with the girl on before, but being almost fussy cut so that there is only one she looks gorgeous, I think it really tones the hair band down from the crazy christmas look.

Proof that I am wearing it. I love the green button on the "vintage" style fabric its a heart shape, perfect for this time of year.

If you look closely I also have a bell on there, at the top of the green suffolk puff. I brought these last year and didn't really know what I was going to do with it. I love it on there, thankfully though it doesnt actually ring too much unless I shake my head hard.

Hope you like todays creations.

Will be back tomorrow to show you todays dying attempts, not sure if its a sucess or failure yet, its slightly patchy!

First Ever custom order!

I'm am sooo pleased about this. I have been putting it off for weeks and weeks.

A student at school came to me asking if I could help her with a christmas present for her little brother. She gave me strict instructions that it must be a green bib with a giraffe on it and be fastened with Velcro.

Boy do I feel I have delivered!!!
Thinking back to previous things I have made I feel that applique is something that I've never afraid of! this is a really complex shape that I wasn't sure I would be happy with.
I've surprised myself by choosing this brown fabric for the giraffe, it was something I had in my stash but I've no idea why I had it. When I saw it I immediately thought GIRAFFE!!!!!!
I totally love this and hope that the girl who brought it does as well. What do you think?? How much would you be willing to buy/sell this at?

Saturday, 11 December 2010

This Week

Wow I dont know what happened this week but the sewing bug has really taken hold!!

I took my students to the Clotheshow in Birmingham on Tuesday, theres a brand new area there where you can try making different things.

I loved this in about 3 hours I made:
  • A knitted Brooch (having never sucessfully knitted before)
  • A phone case
  • A sewn brooch
  • And did quite a large amount of shopping

I managed to build up my fabric stash, mainly with Japanese fabrics. I've never seen such an abundance of these in one place in person. Had to have. Thank god I ran out of money is all I can say!!!

It was a real special occasion taking my students on their and my first school trip. They love it when I make my own clothes so I whipped this little number up especially for the day (Have worn it twice more already since Tuesday)The pockets and the ties on the dress are all removable. A nice simple denim dress that I can easily customise for different occasions!

Original 1960's pattern that I was kindly given by a little old lady who was having a clear out!Another purchase at the Clotheshow was a kit all made up from The eternal Maker they also have a blog which is really worth reading.

The only clear photo I could find of the head band

(while being made)

I loved this kit and again all my students commented on it (and slightly embarrasingly 3 Technology teachers that saw it decided to touch it) little awkward moments!!!

I love this and think I might use the pattern again to make a few more.

Few other activities gone on this week but I'm sure most of you are in the same situation that they are all christmas creations!

All for now!