Monday, 30 April 2012

Stationery Goodies

Well it's been an exciting week with lots of stationery enabling in my close group of friends.

Yesterday saw me with a free afternoon so i decided to meet up with Cat to go to Tottenham court road Paperchase and MUJI.
I don't have photographs of everything but here's a quick view of a lot of the stuff I brought

I saw this card and fell in love, it's the perfect size (minus 2mm down one edge) for my pocket Filofax so it's become my front cover!

I've added to my washi tape collection finally decided I had a need for a dedicated tin for them (hate the decoration on the tin but that can be solved with a bit of tape ;)

A art box divider folder that I brought to hack up to put in my a5 Filofax but it's just too pretty to hack! Plus each sheet (divider) is a separate decoration (one is clouds one is stars and so on)

Art box note book, perfect size to keep scribble in the back of my Filofax

Another one, this one already has been put to use

Some Japanese note pads also from art box, the perfect size for adding little notes, the next two photos are also views of the paper inside. Soooo damn cute!!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My little family

Over the weekend Filofax tweeted to see the family of Filofaxes that we have, this was the first time I have ever thought of my Filofaxes as a collection.

This is the first time I have ever seen all my Filofaxes together. I think I have a problem!!! I blame all the amazing enablers on twitter and philofaxy.

These are the filofaxes that I currently use:

Starting at the top, I am playing with a mini Filofax (not sure the feeling is mutual though I'm falling out of love already) then we have my much seen and much loved personal butterfly Filofax (which I am hoping to replace at the philofaxy meet up in 38 days)
Then my aqua chameleon a5 Filofax that I use for union work, this was the easiest and simplest Filofax to set up as this only has lined paper for my notes from conferences and meetings.

The bottom is my graphic a5 zipped Filofax, I love this one sooo much, it's my teacher planner and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. Sometime soon I promise I will blog about my set up to this, especially as I have made a personal diary with help from Ray.

I hope your Filofax family is as well developed as mine, oh and I'm waiting for a new delivery any day now, sooo excited. About a new pocket adelphi coming to me and some special snoopy inserts coming all the way from Japan - I aim to have this set up as my personal and VERY fun filofax.