Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Current Creations

Well not that much has actually been going on in my world related to quilting etc.
Other than my mums birthday presents which I will post in the near future.

Got a friends wedding coming up soon and was finding it near impossible to get a card that was like the bride (as she is our friend) after buying the present and trying to buy wrapping paper, thats where my mind ran for a card. The sweet wrapping paper has butterflies and dragonflies on it, so I thought I would carry that theme with this on the card, and who could resist a matching gift card for the present while I was at it??

I have also been working on Jane's Halloween swap, These are doing really well so far. My 9 patch, are nearly there, ran out of purple fabric so had to find something similar, so 4 will be of slightly different fabrics.

The themed blocks of ghosts are great, I was hoping to get these all finished before I go away on holiday this weekend, but doesn't look like I will manage that, it takes me nearly a whole day to sew a whole block. So I will be taking the unfinished ones with me on holiday.

I am yet to sew the faces on, will be taking threads with me to complete once I have sewn all the bodies.

How is everyone else's blocks coming on? I love seeing peoples while I pop around the internet.

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  1. I love the ghost blocks! I missed out on the signups for the swap, so I'll just have to drool over your photos! Great job!