Friday, 30 April 2010

Finishes so far this year...

OK I can't believe that we are already into May!!!(well tomorrow we are away)

Was discussing with one of my students the other that that I should probably write down somewhere everything that I have finished this year...

In no particular order (as much as I can remember now)

  • Linda's 50th Table runner
  • Nan's birthday present
  • Draw string bag(from the sewing class)
  • Cushion cover (from the sewing class)
  • Dad's birthday quilt
  • Mum's mothers day present
  • 4 table mats (for charity)
  • 2 wall hangings (identical - one for me one for charity)
  • 3 swap blocks

WIP List!

Ok this one is likely to be just as long....

  • Mothers day gift for a friend
  • Red and white quilt
  • hexagon quilt (started over 7 years ago)
  • Brothers graduation present(and birthday prsesent)
  • Blouse

I will be back in the very near future to give some more information about the finished projects and hopefully to show you some more things that I will have got off the WIP's list at some point.

I can't believe how much I have made this month! Its been a mamoth sewing month and I believe my hands had enough of sewing bindings on for charity on Sunday (11 hours straight hand sewing, only stopping for the loo and food)

All the best everyone


  1. You have been one busy person!!

  2. Way to go on your finishes! I have so many WIP's, I'm afraid to make a list. :) I have been thinking of taking May as a finishing month, we'll see how well that goes.

  3. you lucky lucky person I am painting the house so no stitching boohoo are you in the fitzweilliam group, did vyou have anything in their show last week?

  4. Wow that is a very productive list of finishes! I find that listing them on my blog is the only way I can remember what got done when!

  5. Hi
    So pleased I have found your blog again. Thank you for your recent comments. I'm impressed with all you have finished this year so far. Have you managed to stitch the fabrics I sent into anything yet (no pressure though)?