Sunday, 12 December 2010

First Ever custom order!

I'm am sooo pleased about this. I have been putting it off for weeks and weeks.

A student at school came to me asking if I could help her with a christmas present for her little brother. She gave me strict instructions that it must be a green bib with a giraffe on it and be fastened with Velcro.

Boy do I feel I have delivered!!!
Thinking back to previous things I have made I feel that applique is something that I've never afraid of! this is a really complex shape that I wasn't sure I would be happy with.
I've surprised myself by choosing this brown fabric for the giraffe, it was something I had in my stash but I've no idea why I had it. When I saw it I immediately thought GIRAFFE!!!!!!
I totally love this and hope that the girl who brought it does as well. What do you think?? How much would you be willing to buy/sell this at?


  1. thanks for the lovely blog comment but I'm afraid the winner was drawn a little while ago for the giveaway x

  2. The bib is perfect ,and the material just right Jan xx