Sunday, 13 November 2011

Idea for quilt along

Hey guys. Iv had this idea for a few weeks now and was considering posting this on here.

Would anyone be interested in this as a quilt along??

It's an idea of a quilt along. 25 blocks at 15" each. Dashing between. Perfect size for snuggling under or hanging on the wall.

I'd be interested if you wanted to do some adaptions to yours as well.

I would like to post every Saturday, 3 times a month and last Saturday as day off.

Each number will be totally different on each square and it would be up to you for order. I'd love to think I might have kids and maybe grand kids who would like to look for numbers in years to come.

I know it's a really basic sketch at the minute but I'd love to know if you might be interested. (please note Iv never done this before)


  1. headed on over from the table runner swap, so i can add myself as a follower, so I can participate. And then I notice that you are just down the A12 from me: I live in Tiptree: small world!