Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My SmashFax

I'm pretty sure that most of you feel really guilty when you have a Filofax sitting at home doing nothing. This could be a cure...

A few weeks ago I feel in love with this American idea of a smash book. A scrapbook idea with inspiration in. I've been mulling this idea over for a few weeks but with money really tight this wasn't an option for me.

I have a love of scrapbooking but don't always have the time/resources to do it often. So....

Out comes this Filofax that I brought off eBay as a storage Filofax but have never filled.

A collection of random scrapbook papers and my hole punch and I created my own version that I have no rules and boundaries of.

Here is how it's looking so far after a weeks worth of setting up. Some pages are private but I would like to share with out what I've done so far...

This is my absolute favourite double page spread at the minute. I didn't purchase a single thing here. Just things I picked up at the Birmingham clothes show last year, all cut up and put in a pleasing way.
The ministry of craft on the left is actually a pocket with a collection of business cards in (yes there are 3 ray stitch cards there. I'm contemplating working on some with stitching and sketching)

A real use for washi tape other than looking pretty on a page! Actually stick things down!! YAY!!

Right at the back I have some spare pages ready to go if the need calls me.

I hope I have inspired you to think about developing an unused filofax for another purpose (and if you do a similar sort of thing I'd love to see it)

What do you do with your Filofax other than the standard things? I'd love to hear what uses you have.


  1. It's beautiful Louise, I can't wait to have a go myself!! Xx

  2. Cool - I have a load of scrapbooking papers waiting in the UK for me at the moment so I can do the same sort of thing. Loving the use of the washi tape :o)

  3. That Filofax looks really nice! I couldn't read the inside cover, what is the name of that one?

  4. Really great idea - been thinking about doing a smashbook for a while now! :)

  5. Can I copy this idea??? It looks awesome.