Sunday, 1 July 2012

Project life -week 1

Hey guys,
Something a little different from me this week.
I've been looking for a while for a way to document my life. I think I've found it.

Project life!!! Becky Higgins has come up with this awesome idea of scrap booking but using photo sized slots.
I've done a few specific pages before week 1.

Then week 1:

Let me know what you think. Can't wait for my actual kit to arrive!!!! For now I'm making my own journaling cards.


  1. Ooh, I somehow missed this one when you posted it but this looks fab!!!

  2. Yeah Project Life is great...if you don't mind waiting 7 months for products. :( Some of us Project Lifer's have been waiting for restock for months. It came and went yesterday in less than 24 hours. Some got lucky, others of us didn't. But you are right, it is a fun way to scrapbook without having to spend alot of time creating pages. I love the concept and I love Becky; just wish she would get her supply and demand down pat so the products are available and you don't have to stop when you run out of supplies! Your pages look great by the way!