Thursday, 1 January 2015

Zoo animals BOM

Minutes before midnight last night the lovely quiet play introduced us to a lovely new BOM. There's going to be 9 blocks in this all animals from the zoo. 

I've decided 2015 will be my year of trying new things. So thought I'd give paper piecing a go!

I won't lie I jumped straight in with the flamingoes eye and was ready to chuck him out the window by the end of that!!! I'm really glad that I persevered and am pretty happy with my efforts. 

Check out quiet plays block for more information and the free pattern to have a go yourself (you only have until the end of January to get your flamingo free)


  1. Well done! I think you did a great job! These patterns are so cute that I'm being tempted to start yet another project...... :)

  2. He looks fab! I also started with the eye, lol! I always start with the most difficult parts and then work myself downward. Makes it easier ;)

  3. Good on you for jumping into 2015 with paper piecing! It really is a fun technique once you get the hang of it - and I promise even the tiny bits like the eye get easier with a bit of practice ;) Your block turned out fabulously!

  4. He looks just wonderful! It seems I do quite a bit of unpicking with paper piecing so glad not to do too much of it. Although it is very rewarding when it all lines up right!