Monday, 7 March 2011

MMM Item 1

Right I have decided to partake in Made by me March '11. Having joined very late, and not sure that I actually have that many clothes to wear. I thought it was best I got in both feet first as it was and make something for work.

I'm always annoyed in the morning that I cant find a pair of trousers or something when I dont have legs for skirts. Or that I have nothing brown to wear. So I found this pattern (while actually looking for a blouse pattern)

Its a womans weekly (magazine) pattern, there is no date on it at all but as far as I can tell from the fashions its probably mid 80's. The item I made was the trousers from view D. I had to make quite a few alterations (if I left all the pleats in after cutting the fabric out I think it would have been tooo detailed. So I took the one in the middle of the waist band out. They aren't actually sewn on the pattern but I figure that would make me look even more pregnant than I already do (even though I'm not)

The waistband wasn't working at all so allow me to wear these as high waisted trousers I removed the waist band and hemmed the top.

I also had to cut quite a bit away from the bottom of the trousers to get them to suit my length. Does anyone else find a height problem with Me made clothes?

Next project will be the top that comes with this pattern, and maybe the dress (shorter one) but with straps.


  1. I always have to chop a chunk off the bottom of trouser patterns when I make them (if I don't measure up and fold the pattern up before cutting out), just like I have to chop a chunk off bought trousers when I hem them.

    I love that we can see your sewing room in the background on the mirror ;) Looks just like mine! LOL

  2. Louise- great that you were able to get a pair of trousers made already. I had to shorten the skirt i'm working on and assume I will have to shorten the trousers I make someday. I love brown and wear quite a bit to work. Can't wait to see the blouse!

  3. Louise, I couldn't believe it when I came across your blog and saw the pattern you were using. I have this and other patterns that my Mum got for me from woman's weekly magazine (you had to send away for them). I'm going to have to root through the boxes in the attic to see if I can find them all now. Best of luck with the move and the new sewing room