Thursday, 6 February 2014

Project life Week 1 - 5

I gave project life a miss in 2013, through out the year I kept looking at other peoples instagrams and blog posts showing their amazing love of their album. So decided 2014 was the year for me to log my life again. 

I started recording my life on the 1st of January using a smashbook, Initially feeling this would allow me to keep hold of memorabilia as well as photographs. 

Five weeks in and I had a totally sleepless night thinking about my original project life. Grabbed my 2012 project life album and fell in love with it all over again reminding me of all the small things that I'd forgotten about. The little things that make me smile. 

 I had the majority of things I needed to start 2014 so got straight on with transferring the first 5 weeks from my smashbook into a new project life album. 

Here is my cover page. Kept simple. But I'm sure as the year goes on it will become developed and much more detailed. 

I've been forcing myself to not follow any specific rules, after all rules have been made to be broken. 

My first week, very boring. The week after new year before returning to work. Small 3x4 card explaining all the photos. And a card I love - packaging, washi tape and a paper clip. Simple but ... Perfect. 
I spent a few hours pondering this particular card. How to get the best from the light bulb paperclip. In the end I settled on sewing it on. I'm sooo pleased with it. Every time I see it I smile. 

My second week gave a large disaster; washing machine soaking my carpet. A final Christmas present (with an amazing gift tag that I just had to keep) and a new coffee product I've fallen in love with. 

An empty space and unsure what to do I resorted to some sparkles. Sequins in a pocket. I love the excitement of seeing the next week between the sequins. 

Little stories this week including screen grabs from my phone. I felt its important to keep the little details that are important to me, they make me who I am but may be boring to other people. 

All my thoughts this week were based around one particular event. I was given some paperwork at this event that I needed to keep. Who knew normal page protectors would fit in my scrapbook album?
I made no alterations to this document I just tucked it in. 

I loves my zentangle I'd created for my smashbook so much that I had to cut it out and keep it for my project life. I've seen several people on Pinterest cut photos and memorabilia between pockets, I LOVE how this turned out. 

Long of stories this week and next resulted in bifolded cards for the bigger picture. 

Mini stories in week 5 of 2014 and I discovered an app on my phone to print small Instagram photos  to tell more of my stories. 

I hope you enjoyed my small viewing. I'm in love and feel il keep this up for a long time. I've subscribed to freckled fawns embellishment kit and can't wait for it to arrive.

Massive thanks and love to Cat (decision inspired) who continues to inspire me every day. 

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