Saturday, 22 February 2014

Project life - Week 7

Decided I must try harder at project life some weeks. Knowing I'd be putting this spread together during my holiday I decided I needed to embellish more. (It's also a little late because of the holiday) 

I love how this spread has turned out (and I am happy it's a double page, think I'm going to run with that more often) 

This week has used my new blush core kit (the title card was from the jade kit)

You can see my title card has my cricut cut week stamp. 
Although this side is a little plain it highlights the week perfectly. 
The weather card was from the seasons mini kit (Britian has had some dramatic winds in the week) 

Using my phone and my canon selphy I made the photo collage bottom right. Perfectly portrays the organisation and movement from the evening (in the pub)
This week was valentines week so there's little hints of that around. 
Really happy to use more of my embellishments. Think you'll see more decoration as the weeks go on. 

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