Saturday, 15 February 2014

Project Life Week 6

What initially started off to be a really boring week turned out to have so many photos (mostly from the weekend) that I've ended up having a few inserts in the week as well.

The weathers been a bit iffy recently so I decided to do a quick outfit of the day for the week. Really enjoyed doing this, I'm considering doing this 4 times throughout this year. It was interesting that I thought about what to put on because I knew it would be recorded. 

I had a day out in London on Saturday which actually supported most of the photos from this entire week. 

M&M world 

I loved that the bag was 12 x 12 so slipped it straight in a page protector. Sad that it rained so much the bottom was soggy and fell off. 😞

Thankfully the otherside is doubled sided scrapbook paper and I think the green works pretty well. 

This next page is work in progress. I wanted to include a traditional scrapbook page and knew I want to include these photos. So for now I've just tucked them inside and will work on them later. 

Below is my traditional project life lay out. 
I've pushed myself a little bit by working with lots of bold colours. 
Inspired by the Olympic Rings I chose the colours and the shapings. 

I would normally put something like my tax disc in my project life except the UK have recently learnt that in September they will stop issuing these. 
I decided this was something I wanted to keep as part of the memories. 

You'll possibly notice I haven't stamped the weeks or dates on yet. This is something I've still not decided on from previous weeks and am currently considering using my cricut to cut some pretty numbers. 

As a fairly naive project lifer. I'd love to know what you guys think. 

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  1. A lot of time has gone into these pages. Will be excellent to look back on.