Sunday, 12 April 2009

Help wanted!

My mum brought me a few years ago, a pair of knitted slipper type things. I love them to pieces but they are starting to look a little bit too loved! I was hoping to find somewhere to make them myself.

I know basic knitting (I can knit, purl etc and with a few books infront of me I can do fancy stitches 2)

Does anyone know a good pattern? or give me some idea of instructions on what to do???

Many thanks



  1. Why don't you go ahead and post a picture of your well-loved slippers? I'm sure that there are many people out here who could say, "Oh, I know just where to get a pattern for that!"

    Here are some links to lots of patterns:
    Knitting Pattern Central's Slipper Page and (you'll have to search the page for slippers, they're all mixed in)

    Welcome to the Quilting Bloggers family!

    Tracy in SW WA

  2. Google knitted slippers and see what you get.