Monday, 13 April 2009

Mums New office Buddy

For as long as I can remember Mum has worked at the Local Grammar school She always enjoyed her job, but a few weeks ago she was TOLD she was moving to another office instead of the one she had worked in since she started there (almost 18 years ago) She doesn't seem very happy about this and doesn't want to move.
So I thought I would recycle something and make her a buddy to move in with (previously there were 5 in the office with her, now its her on her own).
What do you think? I love sock monkeys but have never made one before myself, Im thinking of trying to make one with knee length socks!!!

Want your suggestions for what to call this monkey now.

Happy Easter.


  1. Love the funky sock monkey!

    I'll be back to see what you are working on!

  2. thanks Sara, Glad you like it. look forward to hearing from you again soon.xx