Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Saturday Project

Returned from Uni this week, so there will be quite a few posts in the future about WIP's that I left at my parents house.
Thought you should see this post first! When I moved to Worcester, I found this amazing Quilting shop and had to buy this pattern and fabric for the bag, Its been sat on my to do list for 6 months now, thought it was finally time to complete it.
Not quite happy with some bits, the bottom seems to be a little higgldy piggaldy, but never mind.
I love the two pockets created on the inside from joining the two seperate parts together. (as you can see i couldn't resist using this bag, so sorry for not emptying my bits out of it for the photo)

I had to put the above photo in this blog, as I wanted to you see how I altered it slightly, I have an amazing computerised sewing machine that Allows me to quilt really interesting patterns, these along the bottom(seen on the plain green fabric) are little kisses!!
Hope you Enjoy this, and the others to come, please any questions don't hesitate to ask.


  1. I like this purse. Can you tell me the pattern and designer?

  2. The designer designs these for her shop in Worcester England, they are copyrighted to Fiona Law, afraid I cant find these on the internet but the shop has a website, you might be able to contact them its