Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Old time Friend

Well as promised that I would up date you on my WIP's here is one I have been working on since I was 14 (thats 7 years!!!!!!) It keeps being put away, and I only seem to work on it during the summer holidays.
Its nearly finished now, sorry for the photo being folded up but I simply don't have space to spread it out for a photo here. Will take some open when I'm Back at uni.
Im thinking probably one more row of flowers then its ready for batting and backing! Sorry about the choice of colours as mentioned I was 14 when I started this, my tastes have changed since then!
As you can tell its all been hand pieced, I recycled envelopes to create each hex. Most of the fabric has a story behind it, I love just sitting and looking at it, reminds me of so many happy and not so happy moments!!
Trying to decide what colour to back it with, what do you think?? Suggestions will be welcome

1 comment:

  1. I love your choice of colors! I love that the quilt will tell a a story!