Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Shopping trip

Went shopping today with my mum, picked up some great bargains!!!

Dad decided this morning he didn't want a monster after all he actually wanted a monkey, So I have been on a sock hunt. Found these cute tights in BHS for £1 each thought they would make great gibbons and means I actually will get one for myself, Cant decide if I will keep the pink or Blue.

Brought the beige with white spots as well, this is actually Oilcloth, Decided Im going to make myself a lunch box with it, to be able to keep everything in. Amazing what you can find out of scrap bins in the local Dunelm Mill shops!!! Cost me £1 for a meter!

Also my final Bargain was this top, inside it states was part of a pair, but had the bottoms missing, its actually a pj top but I love it so much might wear it around the day, or make it into a cushion cover, not sure yet. Might do both over time once Iv had enough of wearing it!
Fell in love with this fabric on the market, love how the big strawberries match the little ones, and then felt I had to have something to go with it. Not sure what I will make yet so I might just add it to my stash till the summer holiday.


  1. Hi Miss Oakden! Thank you so much for the comment on my post. I too wish you could come to the market, but I think you have a pretty good excuse as to why you can't!! :-) I do wish you lived in Melbourne, though- I would love to pick the brains of a textiles teacher :-)

    I love that strawberry fabric you have up above. It's gorgeous!

    I can't reply to your comment directly because you came up as a 'no-reply' email. xx

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog today. Good luck with the PGCE. I come from just outside Cambridge and one of my closet friends lives near Ryston so it is a small world. Where are you doing your teaching practice? You will certainly find lots of free resources on the internet which can be adapted for use in the classroom especially for GCSE.