Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Quilt Block Swap May

My partner finally recieved her block today, so I can post about this.

It took me ages to ponder over what I was wanting to do for my partner. I had plenty of initial thoughts, but nothing quite seemed to fit my Partner. Getting to know her a bit better I finally decided on this one.

If you look really closely you will notice there are tiny little hearts on the red fabrics, I thought my partner might think I was crazy including a "this way up" sign, but Im sure she understood the reason for it!!

Took me ages but Im sure this perfectly suits my partner.

Fingers crossed mine will arrive soon as they were posted on similar days. I just don't understand the amount of flights etc across the big pond why it always seems to take sooo long for post to arrive. Oh well the wait will surely soon be over.

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