Monday, 25 May 2009


Well this week I am lucky enough to have another follower this week!!! WAHOOO!! That brings my followers up to 3! lol. Check out Evelyn's blog shes a very talented knitter, makes very cute baby things with a very gorgous family with 3 adorable cuties!!!!! Very jealous, wish I could knit as well as she can!!
Well progress for me this week, I have 2 very similar projects going on at the moment, both I plan to be christmas gifts, but not giving full details away at the moment because Im sure the person these gifts are for is reading this at some point!!!!
These strips were a real bargain at my local quilting shop!! can you believe I got over twice the amount in all these photo's for only £2!!!!!!! I had to go back a few days later and clear out their basket full, got plenty of ideas for these.
This one has a very christmassy theme and I plan for it to only be used during this time of the year. The other a much more all round theme (with any luck I might actually get this one finished for someone's birthday but I have a few months for that yet!!!
I aim to be making a few little gifts for people at work as I am leaving in 15 days, its sad to be going but I have an absolutely amazing job to go to!!! So good and bad points soming up soon!!
Hope to show you my creations at some point again soon, as those of you as lucky as me to have a week break this week enjoy what ever you are doing!


  1. lovely colours, especially in the bottom photo :-o Yay for bargains, wish I could sew lol. Maybe one day I'll buy a sewing machine... :-)

  2. Thanks Evelyn, Bargains are always good. Not sure I should have brought that much though as I now have so many different things I want to do with them!
    You should its good, if not we will have to trade, I don't mind sewing if you don't mind knitting hehe.