Thursday, 21 May 2009

Waste no Want Not

I needed one of those bags for carrying odds and ends in the bottom of your hand bag. This was the creation I came up with, based very much on the similar pattern as my pencil case . Totally made out of recycled fabrics and selvedges.
It tickled me and I didn't realise until afterwards about the selvedge that I chose for this bag. I find it quite funny I wanted this big enough to take Paracetamols and vaseline etc. and its a Quilt for a cure! lol.

I love these colours and think they work well together. Lots of work at uni at the moment, but its half term next week. Got one or 2 more WIP's to show you over the next few days and hopefully by next weekend one of those WIP's will be finished!!!

What are you up to at the moment???

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