Saturday, 30 May 2009

Charity Shop finds!

Iv been staying with my parents this week as it is Half term here. I quite enjoy wandering around the charity shops with my mum and often come out with some amazing bits.
I haven't taken photographs of EVERYTHING as I really didn't want to bore you all. I brought a large box full of buttons. 15 Zips. some old patterns (most never used) several sewing books. lace, beads, buckles, pop studs, brooches. I also brought a large pile of old fabrics, some table clothes, some bed spreads and others just old cuts that have never even been used.
This is my most favorite thing I have found in a charity shop in ages. Thought it was perfect to photograph in front of my WIP my grandmother's garden quilt.
I Love that this mouse is doing the patchwork. If you look really closely the mouse also has a little tiny needle and thread to help her do this. I adore the way the tail curls up around her body.

So tell me do you go charity shopping / thrift shop shopping??? What is the best find you have found???


  1. i like you little mouse, it is so you.

  2. thanks, shame your anoymous though!!

  3. Aww that mouse is so sweet and what a lot of finds you had :-o

  4. I am in love with your mouse - it's adorable!
    The thrift shops around here are awful, full of nasty stuff. My best find was from a local antiques market, that has now closed down, a tatty old silk upholstered chair that lives in my bedroom, and I love, even though it really needs reupholstering.

    In reply to your question about shaukat - yes, I have bought quite a bit from them, it's got an amazing selection of fabrics. The prices don't include VAT, so bear that in mind, and the postage is about £5. Things take a few days to arrive, but it's a great shop.