Thursday, 4 June 2009

New handbag

Well I really don't know what the weather is like where you are but here its been absolutely gorgeous. My handbag I made a while ago (see here) looks a little bit wintery with sandles and lovely summery clothes.

So I dug out some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric that I fell in love with but thought I would never find something suitable for showing it off well enough. (BTW I brought this fabric as a reminant but had no idea of how much I had, I made this bag and still have a fair amount left over)
I have had this idea for a bag for ages but haven't had the courage to try it. would you believe it took me less than an hour to create it. Unfortunatly I didn't create a pattern I just cut and sewed. Would be a really simple one to make again though. Im really pleased with the way the handle turned out. Was going to carry on with the Amy Butler print but discovered this vintage piece of fabric that went really well with it. I also used this for the lining and felt using it for the handle broke the print up really well. Thought maybe at first it was going to be a bit too big but turns out its the perfect size.

My housemates feel I should create a pattern for this and share it with the world, I'm not so sure its good enough to do that.

If I could change it I would probably put pockets in side and somewhere to hang my keys. but thats a minor thing I can always do if I make this bag again.

So what do you think? Would you like to see this?? What have you done with this Amy Butler fabric?


  1. You are so creative.!! I'm soooo JEALOUS!!! It's such a pretty beautiful handbag.

  2. Yes, dearie ;o), I definitely think you should create a pattern for it!