Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Presents and a giveaway!!

Well I offically leave my final placement school on Friday and qualify as a Textiles Teacher. I really can't wait.

Iv been racking my brain for what I can buy some of the people who have really molded me during this year. Decided I should make them something a bit more personal.

The school has these lanyard things that lots of schools have, and to be perfectly honest they are pretty Naff. So I thought I would liven them up. Some teachers do have different Lanyards so I know they could have differnt ones.

This is what I created.

These were created from the same fabrics as I got for this. I really love the way they have turned out. As you see below. I thought I should practice one for myself first. Those of you that know me really well know i have issues with keeping track of my memory stick. So thought my first attempt should give me a chance 2 keep hold of this.

I made sure the front fabric was different than the back, and that they went together really well.

All of these lovely Lanyard have gorgeous homes to go to. But as an offer to you, I want to offer you one of these. Weather you want it for keeping your ID for work round your neck. Attach it to your keys, or to attach your ipod round your neck. What must you do? I really don't want a simple enter me. I want to hear what you would do with a lanyard if you won one of these lovelys, what your favorite colour/s are (so I can make one you would like).

Only one enterance each please. BUT you can get extra names put in my hat if you...

  • Become a follower of my blog


  • Write about me on your blog.

Please come back to me and post another comment telling me you have done this.

Best of luck to all of you. For every 25 people that comment I will make 1 lanyard so chances are quite high.

I will leave you now with a sample of the fabrics I have already created, to inspire you to enter my give away.

This give away will be open until Friday 5pm (GMT) any entries after this will not be counted. Sorry.


  1. What a good idea for a gift that will be really useful as well.

  2. You're blog is so cute! I love these lanyards, I love the prints! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Hi there I am a textiles teacher (2nd year out) in Australia - haven't we got the most wonderful job in the whole wide world?? I just found your blog via the comments on Retro Mummy - so glad I did xxx

  4. have been checking in on you, GOOD JOB!

  5. I follow your blog...

  6. YOUR going to get in on PIF if you send e-mail with you address. GOOD JOB!